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We employ and provide care to people from all walks of life. As an organization, we are committed to promoting healing, providing hope, preserving dignity and producing value with an inclusive workforce in which diversity is leveraged, respected, and reflective of the patients, family members, customers and team members we serve.

Better Connections & Relationships

Better Connections & Relationships

Inclusion inevitably leads to better connections among employees, which leads to stronger connections with patients and their family members. By intentionally building relationships of trust and respect within our organization between managers and employees and employees and their peers, we are able to serve our patients with health equity.

The end result is a fair, equitable, healthy and high-performing organization where employees and patients feel accepted and respected and are able to better connect with their surroundings and each other.

Kindred Healthcare Inclusion Council

Inclusion Council

In 2016 we formed our Inclusion Council to help realize our goal of promoting an inclusive environment that actively values diversity among all our team members, patients and families, and the broader community. Advising senior leadership, the council helps promote and advance our inclusivity efforts on a day-to-day basis while celebrating and bringing to bear a wide range of opinions and ideas. The council will be responsible for ensuring inclusion-related work is planned, prioritized and implemented across our organization for our patients, employees, suppliers and the community.

Employee Resource Groups

We are proud to offer employee resource groups to all of our employees. Employee resource groups are workplace groups who form based on shared characteristics or life experiences. Our ERGs aim to provide support, enhance career opportunity and contribute to personal development.

Empower: The Women’s ERG, EMPOWER, supports, promotes, and advocates for women and their allies. This ERG focuses on networking, professional development, mentoring, and community engagement in order to attract, develop and retain women employees. Our enterprise is made up of nearly 80% women, so we feel strongly there is a need for a place for women to come together to find community, empowerment and inspiration in order to bring their best selves to work every day.

Emerge: Emerge is an ERG designed with the intent of creating visibility, understanding and support for employees from Black communities and their allies. We seek to purposefully engage and stimulate thought and conversation around the sensitivities, influence and challenges that come from the paradigm of racial difference. We serve as advocates for Black colleagues to receive proportionate opportunity within our company through creating relationships for development, mentorship, strategic allyship and promotion.

Unidos: UNIDOS’s mission is to develop a network of employees and promote cultural diversity and professional development of our Hispanic/Latino members and allies. It is our mission to provide support that inspires, empowers and equips UNIDOS members to achieve excellence. You’ll have a chance to connect with other employees across the country, hear from accomplished Hispanic and Latino professionals, join professional development programs, and much more.

Honor: The HONOR ERG supports, promotes, and advocates for Veterans and Allies. Our Mission is to foster Integrity, Service and Leadership, and act in collaboration with our other ERG groups to support our Core Values. As there is representation from each ERG in the military community, the HONOR ERG seeks to develop communication, recognition, and opportunities for our Veterans and Allies.

Embrace: Our mission is to empower and embrace our local LGBTQ+ team members and allies, allowing them to be who they are by respecting individuality to create the team and supporting their voices; to advance education, understanding, and advocacy for our LGBTQ+ team members and patients through compassion and kindness; and to foster an open environment of visibility and respect for all, no matter their sexuality, gender identity, or sexual orientation.